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Tony Davis Tony Davis, jazz trumpeter, computer veteran and amateur genealogist, who created these sites. Judy Eames Judy Eames, internationally acclaimed jazz singer whose repertoire covers a wide range of 20th century popular music, from the earthy blues of Bessie Smith to the sophisticated love songs of the 1940s.
Shaun McCarthy Shaun McCarthy is a professional playwright and dramaturge for stage and radio, an Oxford and Bristol university creative writing tutor and author of over twenty educational resources titles. He is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund. Hooligan Theatre Productions Hooligan Theatre Productions provides a way for writer Shaun McCarthy to secure funding for new plays, to find and work with co-writers and co-producing partners and to employ actors, directors and designers to help bring his plays into production.
Dave Moorwood Dave Moorwood, guitarist, banjoist and vocalist, leads the Rascals of Rhythm, a band dedicated to the swinging jazz of the 1930s, and the Big Bear Stompers, a two-trumpet band which takes as its models both the 1923 King Oliver Creole Jazz Band and the 1940s revivalist Yerba Buena Band of Lu Watters. Oxfordshire Jazz Federation Oxfordshire Jazz Federation was created over 30 years ago to act as a forum for jazz musicians, supporters and venue providers. It embraces many styles of jazz, publicising events, encouraging new ventures and inviting ideas from members and supporters.

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